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2Dance January 23rd

Workshop by Momo (contemporary).

As the daughter of a Japanese violinist and a Swiss cellist, a career in music would have been obvious for her. However, since she couldn’t sit still during her piano lessons, she ended up in the ballet studio. (By the way, she also still plays the piano and she sings.)

She is boisterously, passionately, and dramatically in love with life. After a few years of roaming around the globe and thanking the universe daily for all of the blessings in her life, she can now, to her great delight, devote her energy to the creation of organized chaos with the Poetic Disasters Club.

Workshop Momo (Contemporary)
Date: Jan 23rd
Start: 19.00
End: 20.30
Cost: €7,50 (pin only)
Location: Bloemstraat 38
Mail to 2dance@clubguyandroni.nl to sign up

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